Rack & pinions, along with winches and tube bearers, are used for ventilation flaps, light windows and pop holes.

Our rack & pinions are custom made to suit your specific requirements and are available in many various configurations. Pinions are manufactured as an enclosed ‘clam shell’ housing to keep debris out and the mechanisms running free. Pinions are offered as a traditional one piece design or as a two piece unit (the EZ-fit).

The performance characteristics of all components have been selected to provide a durable and hardwearing solution.

Whether EZ-Fit or traditional, the travel in one turn equates to 5″ / 126mm movement on the rack. This is the same for both standard and heavy duty rack bars. For many years, this travel distance per revolution has been the industry standard so it is possible that failing rack & pinions systems can be easily replaced with little disruption and minimal labour.

Maximum rack length: 6000mm / 230”



Pop holes


Rack & Pinion options

Standard or Heavy Duty

They share the same tooth form but the heavy duty bar is more suited to applications where a more robust solution is required. Both the Standard and Heavy Duty rack bars are compatible with either the Conventional Pressed Pinion or the EZ Fit Pinion systems.

1" or ¾" drive tube

Pinions are designed to fit 1" or ¾" BSP drive tube. 1" BSP tube is approx. 33.4mm o/d and ¾" BSP tube is approx. 26.6mm o/d.

Straight or curved

Curve radius can be standard or client specified and teeth may be on the inside or outside of the curve.