The low pan edge means easy access to feed from day 1 and the unique design prevents the birds scratching the feed out so means a better FCR.


The unique design delivers true 360 degree flooding with no fins of frame to prevent the birds accessing the feed.


The flip up cleaning system means cleaning is fast and efficient saving time, reducing cost and delivering an effective clean with virtually no residue.


Sean Harrison, winner of Grower of the Year at the 2021 National Egg & Poultry Awards uses Multiback pans and had this to say about them:

“The Multibeck pans are extremely sturdy and well designed. The design allows you to keep the pans slightly off the floor, giving the birds more room to move around without hitting the pans. With them set slightly higher from the floor it allows the birds to feed from the side as opposed to head on preventing them from scratching the feed out which helps towards a better FCR.” 

If you’d like to join Sean and use the Multibeck at your site, give us a call on 01481 265294 or send an email to mail@agri-systems.co.uk 

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The Multibeck is the original ‘clean feed’ pan – keeping the birds out has been our message for over 30 years. Clean feed means reduced intestinal infections, reduced antibiotic use and a better start. Not only that but the low rim height of only 40mm means the feed is easy to reach, even for day olds. Despite this low rim height, wastage is reduced compared to other pans due to the unique design. No fins around the circumference of the pan means that there are no barriers of any kind that might prevent easy access to the feed so the birds get a really good start.

No matter which version is used, the upper and lower pans are the same, it’s just the drop tubes that vary in length. This means that the accessories – the cover, anti waste collar and quail grille fit on any of the variants. With the CS-45, it really is possible to feed just about any bird from the same pan.


Multiback CS24

The CS-24 or ‘Short Version’ Multibeck is ideally suited for broilers. This short drop tube does not flex so the CS-24 can be used with the rotating cleaning system which saves considerable time during cleaning. The pan rim sits approx. 20cm below the auger pipe.


The CS-45 is the most versatile and can be used for anything from a quail to a 25 kilo turkey and anything in between. For farms where different birds are raised, the CS-45 is the best choice. The longer drop tube gives the birds room to easily circulate below the auger tube.


The long drop tube of the Multibeck CS-120 gives larger birds greater freedom to move around the shed. It is primarily aimed at finishing large turkeys and other heavier birds. The extra long drop tube has two flexible sections ensuring that is moves easily when bumped reducing bruising.


The Multibeck CS-24 is the ideal choice for broilers.


For turkeys up to approx 25kg, the Multibeck CS-45 is the best choice.


The Multibeck CS-45 is the perfect feed pan for ducks up to 3.5kg.


Concentrate on what's important

The birds get a great start. The pan rim height is only 4cm (1.57″) making it among the lowest of any on the market. This is perfect for day old birds to see the feed and contributes to the birds getting the best possible start.

The low rim around the edge of the pan allows birds to feed easily yet the unique pan design prevents feed from being scratched out and wasted. The result is birds find the food more easily and waste is reduced.

The birds have completely unrestricted access to the feed at all times but cannot sit in the pan. The Multibeck feed pan keeps the feed fresh by keeping the birds out. Intestinal problems are reduced and the birds get the best possible start.
Of course. The Multibeck feed pan adapts to suit different birds and can be used for broilers, turkeys, ducks, quail or Guinea fowl. In fact, just about any bird up to a 25 kilo turkey. Feed is delivered to the lower part of the pan but after just a few turns, the feed is delivered to the upper section. The pans may be fitted with a cover to prevent birds getting into the upper section and an extension collar for finishing larger birds.
Yes, the Multibeck features true 360 degree flooding. There are no fins or any other barriers to prevent the birds easily accessing the feed meaning more birds can feed simultaneously from the pan.

The Multibeck CS-24 (short version) features a rotating cleaning system saving both time and money. To enable easy cleaning, the whole line of Multibeck feed pans can be rotated through 90 degrees. This only takes one simple operation and means the feed line is ready for cleaning in seconds. After cleaning, the Multibecks drip dry and can be returned to operation quickly and easily. The longer versions use clips to enable easy cleaning. 

The feed volume / level in the pan is simply adjusted by turning the level adjuster in the upper pan. The adjuster is on a screw thread without set points so the feed level is micro adjustable to suit your precise requirements.


The Multibeck floods through 360 degrees and with no fins there are no barriers to birds accessing the feed.


Simple, fast and effective cleaning


Birds are kept out of the pan so the feed stays fresh.