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Plasson is a world leader in water system solutions. Their poultry drinking systems are customised to meet the demands of any climatic conditions around the globe, with special expertise in extreme climates. 50 years experience gives them a comprehensive view of the water handling and drinking needs required for each and every project.



Plasson provides a full range of nipple systems which allows you to choose the nipple and flow rate tailor made to your poultry needs. The overall quality, reliability and superior service guarantees you optimal performance for best results.


Top quality materials to withstand active birds behavior for many years

Each and every nipple leaving Plasson manufacturing facility undergoes quality testing

Structural simplicity – Plasson nipple consists of only three stainless steel components, resulting a robust, reliable and maintenance free system

Flawless regulators for head, mid and split line configurations

Durable long lasting pvc tubes and aluminum profiles

Central house water head with various treatment and medicating options




Plasson makes the world’s most reliable poultry drinkers – the “standard of the industry”. Plasson Drinkers are made of a rugged high-impact plastic, formulated to withstand the ravages of the active bird’s house for many years.


The unique feature of the Plasson Drinker is the ballast bottle, which acts independently of the bell and eliminates wear of the valve mechanism.


Select from our range of Broiler, Breeder and Turkey bell drinkers.



Plasson Water On Demand is an innovative water management tool which allows easy control and precise management of  the water pressure in all house drinking lines according to birds changing needs during a daily 24 hour cycle and along the entire grow period.


Patented solution

Plan and control all nipple lines pressure from one central point

Maintain high flow rate during high consumption

Keep litter dry by reducing flow rate during low consumption

Labour saving


The Plasson Automatic Flushing system enables a planned and controlled flushing regime in the house. Flushing can be done fully automatically by setting flush schedule through the controller or semi-automatically by physically activating the system through the controller. By automatizing the flushing task it is guaranteed lines are actually flushed and the benefits of good water handling are achieved.


Fresh water supply to birds

Better water temp. for drinking

Keeps system and water clean

Increase system longevity

Labour saving